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Having had to cancel all of our spring events and not knowing what this year will bring in terms of in-person opportunities, the SCC has pivoted to support our community virtually and addressing current wellness needs. This year’s theme, Managing the Moments, kicks off with educational consultant and best-selling author Ana Homayoun, originally slated as the featured speaker at the group’s annual spring speaker event last spring, presenting a free webinar entitled “Setting the Tone: Habits for a Smooth Virtual Learning Experience” on Thursday, October 15 at noon. 

Setting the Tone: Habits for a Smooth Virtual Learning Experience

Livestreaming Thursday, October 15, at noon 

We know the only constant this school year is change. In this pragmatic, solutions-oriented talk, noted author Ana Homayoun will examine how setting students up socially, emotionally and academically in the midst of pandemic pivoting and change is key to long-term well-being and engagement. She will also discuss how taking the time to set the tone for a smoother school year means looking at daily and weekly habits that work for your students and your family. 
Within this year of transition, our overarching goals of finding ways to promote autonomy, competence and a sense of relatedness and belonging – which research reveals are the key foundational tools to building intrinsic motivation – remain critical for this year and beyond. 
Ana Homayoun is an educator and the author of three books: That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last WeekThe Myth of the Perfect Girl, and Social Media Wellness. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Jose Mercury News, as well as on Fast Company, CNBC, and ABC News, among others, and she is a frequent guest on NPR.
In 2001, Ana founded Green Ivy Educational Consulting, LLC, an internationally recognized organization that works with parents, students, educators, and employers. She works with schools, universities and corporations consulting with parents, students, educators and employers about promoting intrinsic motivation, authentic engagement, and overall wellness. In early 2019, with the support of the Foundation for the Carolinas, she launched the Life Navigator Middle School Program, a school advisory curriculum and school coaching program designed to promote executing functioning skills and student wellness as well as social and economic mobility. To learn more about her work, visit www.anahomayoun.com.
  • Free, but registration required

  • Opportunity to submit questions ahead of the event

  • Geared to ages of registrants’ children

  • Livestreamed via CrowdCast

  • One hour program with presentation and Q&A

  • Program being recorded and available for viewing by registrants for 7 days after event 

This year’s theme, Managing the Moments, kicks off with a series of professionally-filmed short videos featuring conversations among psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers of the SCC’s mental health committee around a particular topic they are seeing in their practices that will likely resonate among the greater community. The 5-10 minute segments touch on a wide variety of topics designed to help parents in dealing with their responses to childrens’ challenges to pandemic and distance learning. The first video rolls out in October and will be followed by additional videos released periodically throughout the year.

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Following my last @nytimeswell column offering adults a back-to-school list for teens' emotional well-being, several teenage commenters asked me to address them as I address their folks. Of course ... they're right and I’m so glad they asked. Here’s my answer.

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