This year’s theme, Managing the Moments, a series of short videos for the community featuring the psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers of the SCC’s Mental Health Committee, is live! The segments, approximately 10 minutes each, touch on a wide variety of topics designed to help parents and students in dealing with a range of issues, from younger children’s challenges with distance learning to college admissions during Covid.

The first six videos feature a range of topical issues:

  • Deescalating Conflict addresses how in this time of learning from home and working from home, conditions are ripe for conflict, yet healthy conflict can be achieved when addressed in a constructive, productive way.
  • Effective Communication features practical tools to ensure everyone in a family is being listened to, being heard, and being understood. Using the 3Rs—Receive the message, Review it, and Respond to it—families can better work through obstacles in both getting their messages across and ensuring the messages are being received in a positive way.
  • How to Talk to Your Parents includes helpful techniques for kids, teens, and even adults to initiate a conversation without an anticipated negative reaction. Concrete steps for everything from timing, boundaries and how to frame a conversation to make it productive instead of confrontational.
  • Brain Breaks During Distance Learning focuses on the three types of breaks—mindful, movement and sensory—that all ages can use to refocus, release stress and maximize learning potential.
  • Self Care and Calming Techniques addresses the impact of anxiety—the most contagious emotion—on family members and demonstrates some interesting dynamic ways to press the pause button on anxiety and regroup.
  • How Are You? addresses the degrees to which different people are managing in an environment where a secure base can feel elusive when the sands are continually shifting, and talks about ways to access additional resources if more help may be needed.  
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With the days getting shorter and cooler and our need for fresh ideas of building breaks into the day, we've gathered this list of 50+ Family Activities to Manage the Moments This Winter. What would add? What would your kids add?

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Having had to cancel all of our spring events and not knowing what this year will bring in terms of in-person opportunities, the SCC has pivoted to support our community virtually and addressing current wellness needs. This year’s theme, Managing the Moments, began with educational consultant and best-selling author Ana Homayoun, originally slated as the featured speaker at the group’s annual speaker event last spring, presenting a free webinar entitled “Setting the Tone: Habits for a Smooth Virtual Learning Experience.”

Setting the Tone: Habits for a Smooth Virtual Learning Experience

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on what we can control: Your physical space, your attitude, your health.
  • Build our emotional tool kits: What you need to stay focused and positive. 
  • Remember stability points that keep us grounded:  Nature walks, texting with friends, etc. 
  • Acknowledge losses in our lives and don’t gloss over them: It’s OK to mourn the loss of sports, clubs, social outings, etc. 

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We know the only constant this school year is change. Ana Homayoun shared overarching goals of finding ways to promote autonomy, competence and a sense of relatedness and belonging – which research reveals are the key foundational tools to building intrinsic motivation – remain critical for this year and beyond. To learn more about her work, visit www.anahomayoun.com.
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We are looking forward to this series!

“School-age children are losing interest in food. They are complaining of back pain and burning eyes. They are developing feelings of depression.
It is unsurprising...likely to get worse the longer ... school campuses throughout the country remain shut down.” https://apple.news/AqHfVachVQ_qmweMYhcugRA

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"Navigating the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic is challenging for everyone. These moms share their experiences and tips for dealing with hard days."

Moms with Mental Health Conditions Share ... What Helps Them Manage: https://bit.ly/3pVqQe0 via @healthline

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