New Information on Vaping and Juuling from FCPS

Are you familiar with “vaping” and “juuling”? Many parents are not, but our teens are.  

Vaping and juuling are forms of e-cigarette use on the rise among suburban teens.  Incidents of use on MHS school grounds are up this year and are a growing concern among McLean teachers and administrators.

Vape pens and juules are the battery-operated devices that produce vapors for inhalation by heating liquids containing flavorants and other chemicals.  Some liquids available include highly-addictive nicotine or THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The flavor varieties appeal to teens, and the devices are small and inconspicuous, often resembling USB drives.

To learn more about vaping, it’s potential health effects and consequences, as well as how to initiate a conversation with your teen, many of you attended McLean PTSA’s information session for parents “Vaping and Juuling, What’s That?” Brian Maslowski, FCPS Office of Student Safety & Wellness, presented. Kimberly Suiters, an Arlington parent of a teen, and ABC 7 on Your Side reporter, talked with Principal Reilly and some students for her piece which aired on February 5.

FCPS also recently published more information on juuling and vaping: