Tips for Talking to Children About Violence

…from FCPS’s Healthy Minds Digest

In light of the terrible events last week in Parkland, Florida, here is information provided by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) on how best to talk to children about violence. NASP has additional information online for parents and educators on school safety, violence prevention, children’s trauma reactions, and crisis response.

High profile acts of violence, particularly in schools, can confuse and frighten children who may feel in danger or worry that their friends or loved-ones are at risk. They will look to adults for information and guidance on how to react. Parents and school personnel can help children feel safe by establishing a sense of normalcy and security and talking with them about their fears.

…from Common Sense Media

One of the toughest jobs of parenting is talking to your kids about difficult subjects. It’s hard enough to explain when Mr. Teddy Bear gets eaten by the washing machine. Or how their bike got stolen at school. It feels impossible to put into words the really big issues, such as violence, racism, drugs, and other weighty topics. Read more here about tips for every age.


Florida School Shooting – photo by Marco Verch