This year the SCC is planning to make our School Liaison program more robust. Liaisons represent each elementary, middle, and high school in McLean/Langley High School areas, including private schools. Liaisons meetings are used for communications in both directions, sharing SCC information with schools/PTAs/PTOs/PTSAs, as well as bringing to the SCC what parents are hearing and/or needing in their school communities that coincides with our mission. It’s also useful for parents from different schools to communicate amongst each other, as there is no longer an FCPS administrative grouping that includes McLean and Langley pyramid schools. This year we would like to keep liaisons more engaged by sharing content (speakers, resources, etc.), holding coffee discussions, and growing their expertise in our mission areas. Everything is on the table, including creating social events or bringing in FCPS representatives who run interesting program topics. For example, years ago we held a yoga night where we talked about mindfulness and shared the practice of yoga. We’d love to have your ideas! Share them with us at