Wendy Mogel visited McLean in 2018 to talk with us about communicating with our kids. Dr. Mogel’s mission is the

Dr. Wendy Mogel

protection and promotion of self-reliance, resilience, accountability and exuberance in children. She is the author of two parenting classics, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee and The Blessing of a B-Minus, that have guided thousands of parents through the joys and trials of child rearing.  In her newest book Voice Lessons for Parents: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Listen, released in April 2018, Dr. Mogel shows parents how to cultivate the art of conversation with their kids–from infancy to adulthood–and demonstrates how a shift in tone, tempo, and body language can open up avenues of communication, even in the age of digital distraction.