The FCPS Parent Resource Center (PRC) provides a number of resources year-round for parents, caregivers, school staff, and others around a variety of topics, including academic support, mental health and wellness, parenting, distance learning, and special education. These go well beyond the pandemic, but are especially helpful in this time. It offers the following:
  • A library of hardcopy books to check out or have delivered to your school, including books for children on these issues
  • Online resources from FCPS and the community on a wide variety of topics to help families and educators support student success
  • Free and confidential consultations, which are helpful for parents who need to identify whom in their school or FCPS to contact for assistance
  • Free live webinars, most are recorded and posted on the PRC YouTube channel
  • A News You Choose newsletter just for the Parent Resource Center
  • A Tutor List with names of current FCPS teachers who want to tutor after their contracted school day
Contact the PRC (703-204-3941) for the tutor list and any other questions.