Created by Heather Tedesco, Ph.D., and the SCC Mental Health Committee

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has not tried something new”

Albert Einstein

  • Ensure strong connections to family and other adult mentors
  • Nurture an attitude of gratitude in your family- find ways to give back and pay it forward
  • Have empathy and respect for your child’s feelings and perspective 
  • Focus on your child’s own goals and what they cherish – see their uniqueness rather than your expectations for them
  • Support and applaud learning through mistakes.  Embrace failure as an opportunity for growth
  • Help your child develop tenacity, persistence, perseverance.  Focus on effort, not outcomes
  • Continually increase independence through developmentally appropriate responsibilities to promote confidence and enhance self esteem
  • Foster a sense of control along with curiosity, enthusiasm, zest, and optimism

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