The goal of MSF is to help relieve middle schoolers’ anxiety about the transition to high school. At MSF, 8th graders have the opportunity to ask Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) representatives any questions they have about high school. YAC-ers answer with candor and speak from their individual perspectives, showing middle schoolers that there are many different ways to navigate high school, and choices are theirs to make. YAC responses point to the value of knowing yourself, making choices that are right for you, and being prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Due to Covid-19, Middle School Forum was not held at Cooper or Longfellow Middle Schools in person during Spring 2021, but YAC members and adult MSF volunteers were able to create a virtual program for the middle school counselors to use with their students using videos and the online Padlet program to answer questions submitted by middle school students.