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A Brighter 2021: Ending the School Year Strong, featuring Ana Homayoun

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at noon

We know this past year has been filled with so much change and uncertainty for all of us. As we head look to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, what are ways we can make this time brighter for students and families?

The Safe Community Coalition (SCC) is excited to host noted author Ana Homayoun as she discusses how we set students up socially, emotionally and academically in the midst of remote and hybrid schooling. Ana will address ways to be organized during hybrid and remote learning, and discuss how to support healthy socialization and a sense of curiosity and discovery as we head into summer break. Many parents are feeling a sense of underlying anxiety about learning gaps and “feeling behind,” and Ana will look at how to address and reframe some of these concerns. Above all, Ana will offer practical, implementable strategies to support student, parent and caregiver well-being.

Ana is the founder of Green Ivy Educational Consulting, LLC, an internationally recognized organization that works with parents, students, educators, and employers. She works with schools, universities and corporations consulting with parents, students, educators and employers about promoting intrinsic motivation, authentic engagement, and overall wellness.

This event is FREE, but registration is required. Registrants will be able to access the video for two weeks following the live event. Register today!


We just read a Tweet where a seventh grader of local counselor and therapist Phyllis Fagell summed it all up:

“The way I see it, the pandemic can be broken down into 3 parts:

  • Part one, when we all thought everything would go back to normal any day,
  • Part two, when we accepted that normal wasn’t happening and looked for different ways to see our friends,
  • and February.”

If you are in February (or January, or 2020), take a few moments to check out a couple new video offerings from the Safe Community Coalition’s Managing the Moments series.

The new videos include:

  • Building Resilience
  • Supporting Your Teen through Covid-19

These new videos join the previous eleven videos:

    1. Deescalating Conflict
    2. Effective Communication
    3. How to Talk to Your Parents
    4. Brain Breaks During Distance Learning
    5. Self-Care and Calming Techniques
    6. How Are You?
    7. Coping With the Holidays
    8. Creating Coping Capacity
    9. Connecting Through Play
    10. Anxiety in School
    11. Your Daily Prescription to Cope with Covid

These short videos are produced by the psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers of the SCC’s Mental Health Committee and supported by critical funding from the New Dominion Women’s Club. Topics selected reflect what they are seeing both in their private practices and on the homefront.

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Looking for something else to do?

With the days getting shorter and cooler and our need for fresh ideas of building breaks into the day, we've gathered this list of 50+ Family Activities to Manage the Moments This Winter. What would add? What would your kids add?

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Setting the Tone: Habits for a Smooth Virtual Learning Experience

Having had to cancel all of our spring events and not knowing what this year will bring in terms of in-person opportunities, the SCC has pivoted to support our community virtually and addressing current wellness needs. This year’s theme, Managing the Moments, began with educational consultant and best-selling author Ana Homayoun, originally slated as the featured speaker at the group’s annual speaker event last spring, presenting a free webinar entitled “Setting the Tone: Habits for a Smooth Virtual Learning Experience.”  READ MORE…

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Have you registered yet? @anahomayoun will speak with us about ending this school year strong! You must preregister to access the recording of the event if you can’t make our noon presentation. ... http://Mcleanscc.org

"...parents should not panic..." Parents, Stop Talking About the ‘Lost Year’. Good advice from @Pfagell and others. ... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/11/health/pandemic-middle-school-mental-health.html?smid=tw-share

Dr. Tori Sacha Cordiano is a total pro who understands children and anxiety as well as *anyone* out there. This series promises to be worth its weight in gold. Sign up today! ... https://www.drtoricordiano.com/events-one/event-two-sd8de?fbclid=IwAR1ohSCtqatWkh3ueyAOhoh2XfsH3RxqtRSlcXDqCkbnm_Wm3WMIYWKS5Kw

"I'm seemingly untouched by the true horrors of COVID-19, but I'm not OK." https://bit.ly/3mC3loZ

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