The SCC considers Challenge Success a resource partner–and one which has had as board members a number of SCC speakers over the years. At Challenge Success, we believe that our society has become too focused on grades, test scores, and performance, leaving little time for kids to develop the necessary skills to become resilient, ethical, and motivated learners. We provide families and schools with the practical, research-based tools they need to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for kids. After all, success is measured over the course of a lifetime, not at the end of a semester.


Challenge Success partners with schools, families, and communities to embrace a broad definition of success and to implement research-based strategies that promote student well-being and engagement with learning.


We believe that all students should be valued for their own interests, unique talents, and individual definitions of success.

We find that extrinsic metrics such as grades, test scores, and selective college admissions have become the primary markers of success in too many communities.

We know that this narrow definition of success can interfere with healthy child development and effective education, leaving many kids feeling stressed, marginalized, or misunderstood.

We want all kids to do well in school and to master certain skills and concepts, but a largely singular focus on academic achievement has resulted in a lack of attention to other attributes of a successful life.

Our work helps to transform the student experience and foster learners who are balanced, engaged, and prepared for the wide variety of opportunities and challenges they will face as adults.