The SCC has a long history of working with our schools to achieve common goals. In order to ensure coordinated communication, parent associations (e.g., PTAs, PTSAs, PTOs) of each school are asked to provide a volunteer representative to the Coalition. SCC School Liaisons are the backbone of our organization in the community, and we are always looking for more! Liaisons might spend 2 hours per month on SCC activities, and it’s a great way to learn more about what is going on in the community and in other school communities. We have liaisons for public schools and several local private schools that keep up with SCC activities.

We use our School Liaisons in a number of ways:

  • Facilitating communication between the individual school represented and the SCC;
  • Providing input to the SCC and the SCC Board on program topics and emerging issues of relevance to the individual school represented and the community at large;
  • Receiving monthly information from the SCC School Liaison Coordinators regarding various topics and events, and communicating this information to the individual school represented both at parent organizations and through school newsletters, websites, and/or weekly folders;
  • Forwarding and organizing requests for volunteers for SCC activities and events; and
  • Attending as many SCC community meetings and events as possible, providing a report on those meetings and events to parent organizations, and to the larger school community through school newsletters, websites, and/or weekly folders.

To learn more about becoming a School Liaison or about why your school might want to participate, contact Julie Hohl