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Finding A Counselor: Tips and Advice

From Anne Slonim Rafal, PhD, LCSW; anne@annerafal.com; www.annerafal.com

During this stressful time of social distancing due to the pandemic, you might want to consider seeing a counselor or to urge a family member to do so. Many people are deciding to pursue therapy for the first time to address the major life changes that have come with Covid-19. We are all facing new challenges including:

  • Health worries
  • The uncertain end point of social isolation
  • New shared space with family members working from home
  • Worry about long distance relatives
  • Keeping your kids occupied and emotionally safe

Grounding Techniques to Help Cope with Uncertainty

From Melissa Sporn, PhD; Melissa@drmelissasporn.com

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How To Meet Kids’ Three Basic Needs: Competence, Connection, and Autonomy

From Heather Tedesco, Ph.D.; Heather@DrTedesco.com; www.drtedesco.com

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Healthy Coping Strategies During Uncertain Times

From Corrine Coppola, M.A., CTSY; corinne@corinnecoppola.com; https://www.corinnecoppola.com

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Staying Positive

From Robyne Davis, MA, LPC, BC-DMT; creativecounseling22@gmail.com

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5 Tips to Engage Your Children More Successfully During This Corona Virus Time

From Sarah Tyler, LCSW, LCSW-C; more information 

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